Parquet Flooring

Everything You Need To Know About Parquet Flooring

Parquet is a great option for renovating your home’s flooring. It brings warmth and a sense of belonging. Parquet is a popular choice for many reasons.

It’s not only beautiful but it also has many benefits, such as protection from cold and humidity, or a low carbon footprint. This makes it very sustainable.

We all know that when renovating a room in our house with a parquet, there are so many options. That’s why we bring you a variety of different types and their most important characteristics to help you make a decision.

Also, remember to discuss with Professional House Renovators they will gladly advise you on which option is best for you and help you make your dream reform a reality.

Vinyl Parquet

It is a popular choice because it doesn’t swell and resists moisture. It can also be placed on top of an existing floor if it is level and consistent.

This makes it a quick job. Vinyl parquet’s ease of maintenance and cleaning is a major advantage. It doesn’t retain dirt.

Floating Parquet

The floating parquet is made from natural wood. This material, which you already know, has a high quality and warm feel to it. Wood is a more pleasant material than synthetic and offers more enjoyment than some of the less expensive alternatives.

Plank Oak Flooring

This flooring is classic in style and gives the space a unique appearance. It was once used by the nobility to cover their rooms’ floors.

The most difficult part of the installation requires attention as the pattern must be observed. Each board is placed with adhesive and then sanded and varnished. It is hard work, but the result will be impressive.

Laminate Parquet

Laminate parquet is made from high-density, compact fiberboard. It has a decorative sheet on its surface that imitates wood’s colors and what we call an overlay, which is a transparent sheet that is placed on top to resist wear.

Laminate parquets are more resistant and harder than vinyl parquets. They can be a great option for rooms that will suffer from a lot of damage to the floor, but we don’t want to abandon the idea of laying the parquet.

Industrial Style

It is visually very appealing because of its unique mosaic patterns. This parquet is also very durable, so it’s worth considering if you are looking for a floor that will withstand a lot of foot traffic.

This is a rare type of parquet we don’t see very often in homes. It is unique and striking, making it a good choice if you want to give your house personality. It is durable and made from solid wood.

You have many options if you are willing to install a parquet floor in your home. Also, you don’t have to go anywhere by yourself to find professional home renovation experts you can do all this from your house with the help of the internet

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