Get an Elegant Look with Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black is probably that one color that has never crossed anyone’s mind when it comes to them choosing which color is the best for their kitchen cabinets. Including you, no? ok… if you’ve ever considered it that’s great news but if not, I am here to change your mind. You will love this.

Although black has been associated with evil and scary kinds of stuff it also symbolizes power, sophistication, strength, authority, mystery, and most importantly elegance. Getting yourself a black kitchen cabinet is what to go for to give your kitchen an elegant look. In this article, I will be sure to convince you.

Why choose black kitchen cabinets

There are so many reasons why you should choose black as the color for your kitchen cabinetry. Get to know them by going through this special article that I’ve prepared just for you.

It’s a versatile and simple color

It’s that one color that fits all. Just like white and gray. Its simplicity and versatility and also the fact that it’s a powerful color is what makes it important when it comes to trying to pair it with another color. You also won’t struggle with choosing the design for your cabinets. I mean…black is just amazing.

It balances the natural light

Considering the fact that most kitchens have extra natural light sources, it’s good to have your kitchen cabinets in black for balancing. If you try and compare it with bright colors, you’ll find that they tend to exaggerate your kitchen space, unlike black.

It makes a statement

Black is for elegance and sophistication. If you want your kitchen to be beautiful in a bold way, add black kitchen cabinets as part of your interior outlook.

It’s modern

It has just been found out that black kitchen cabinets are one of the chic and trendiest features you can have in as part of your kitchen interior design. If you want to have a touch of modernity or if you just love modern things, they are the best idea.

It improves the resale value

Having black kitchen cabinets will save you in the coming years if you have ever thought of reselling your home. As said earlier, it is modern and which other modernity will ever rule out black as an outdated color? Will never exist.

Easy to maintain

It’s a dark color. It hides most spills, scratch marks and dust for as long as you can imagine (but don’t let it be too long since it can cause contamination. Just a reasonable ‘long’), so cleaning it doesn’t have to be all the time especially if you are a very busy person or someone that doesn’t appreciate working extra. I got you.

Why black cabinetry is not popular with some homeowners

Below are some reasons why black kitchen cabinets are not so common.

Small kitchen space

For those that have smaller kitchen space, they are always advised not to include any feature with a dark color including the black kitchen cabinets as they make the space appear even smaller. They also make the room darker which is not so good especially for a room that you get to use for preparing your meals. Everyone loves seeing clearly what they are preparing. Who doesn’t?

Difference in preferences

People get to choose what they like and what they don’t like. It’s the same in this case. Some people prefer having black kitchen cabinets while some don’t, with reasons best known to them.

How can I enhance the look in my kitchen with black kitchen cabinets?

There are several techniques that can guide you to enhance the interior look of your kitchen with black kitchen cabinets. Let’s get to explore the options I have for you.

Incorporate with other colors

The idea that goes beyond and involves other kitchen elements is choosing to mix the black kitchen cabinets with other colors. Below I’ll give you an example that you can always choose when you feel stuck.

  • Black and white kitchen cabinets

Now this is a perfect combo that has both the two basic and flexible colors that still give your kitchen a stunning and classy look. They are actually the simplest combination to work with. You can always choose white whenever you’re confused on which other color to pair with black. 

  • Brass/golden/silver cabinets’ pull

If you are in for making your cabinets have a glamorous look, try having your cabinet hinges in brass hardware, gold or silver. You are going to love it trust me.

Add more lighting

A well-lit kitchen will most definitely bring a feeling of excitement. Therefore, black being a dark color, it certainly needs more lighting than the lighter shades.

Tips on how to choose black kitchen cabinets

Now that you are aware of some of the ways to make your kitchen beautiful with black kitchen cabinets, below are some of the tips that you should always consider before buying them.

Your kitchen space

Black being a dark color, it requires a kitchen with a bigger space as it consumes a lot of space. This is because, unlike white, black absorbs light. This creates a smaller space which is not advisable for a room that is already small. Make sure you leave just enough space for you cabinetry.

Quality of the wood

Don’t just look for black cabinets, check the quality used to make them too. As they always say cheap is always expensive, you’ll end up spending more on cheap cabinetry because they aren’t meant to serve for a longer period of time.


It is always better to consider the price of anything before purchasing. Go for the ones you can afford. Also, it doesn’t always mean that if something is being sold at a lower price it’s cheap. You can get the exact same thing, in this case, the black kitchen cabinets, at a different furniture showroom not at a lower price per se but at a reasonable one.

In summary

Elegance is found in simplicity. Always consider black kitchen cabinets for an elegant kitchen. You can refer here for the tips as much as you want.

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