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How to Mix Patterns for Home Decor 

Pattern appears in many different media. It may be observed in the discoloration of marble, the motion of various wood species, the formation of geometric patterns in tile, fabric, and the list goes on. The strength of pattern rests in its capacity to infuse a space with life. An item of furniture’s proportion can be altered by patterned cloth or scale measurement of an entire room. It is the job of the designer to determine how a patterning affects a person and how it relates to other substances in the area. With the right knowledge of blending, you can source fabric that suits your imagination most. 

For your living environment to seem harmonious when you mix motifs, you require the ideal mixture of form, color, shade, & size. Your choice of designs will affect how the room feels overall.

Include various size

Make absolutely sure the designs you combine don’t all have the same scale. Use large-scale motif types as a main pattern and mix them with highlights of patterns in a medium or lower size. For example, chevron or herringbone designs are adaptable but may be overpowering in large amounts; thus, utilize this pattern on a smaller scale, such as on throw cushions, window coverings, or an accent rug to balance off your main pattern.

Utilize same shades

A space might feel disorganized and overrun with diverse designs and hues. While maintaining variation in its presentation, an aesthetically pleasant atmosphere can be created by using shade schemes from the same tonality family or color scheme. Although you may still use stronger colors as accents, it’s useful to be aware of the 60-30-10 guideline. This implies that the dominant hue should make up 60% of your space, the intermediate color should make up 30%, and the emphasis color must make up 10%.

Blending of simple and complex pattern

If you intend to decorate your living or dining hall with a complex pattern, pair it with a basic pattern that may add contrasts and diversity without taking away from the design.

Pick at least three or four patterns 

As you create your room’s aesthetic, stay with three or four motifs. Combining designs may give a space life, but too much without a unifying theme may come off as a muddle rather than an improvement in aesthetic appeal.

Play with contrast

The different intensities of light and dark may assist create balance, as can sticking to your predetermined color scheme. You may manage the story by calling attention to specific regions of the space and enhancing particular patterns by using brighter and darker color tones.

Balance in visuals 

Your design options can be expanded by combining patterns and hues, but doing so in excess might overwhelm the space. To shake up the contours and forms of your designs, occasionally add neutral tones to your mixture. Also, avoid restricting your designs to one side of the room and keep them flowing over the entire space.

Choose prints wisely

Another element of interior design that requires the appropriate balance is print mixing. With some patterns or kind of graphic prints, animal prints can appear awesome, but having too many splashing together might seem chaotic. To maintain a harmonic proportion of visual layout, blend conventional prints with your more eccentric ones when combining prints.

Choose something forever

There are a handful of straightforward guidelines for mixing prints and patterns, but they won’t happen for every room layout or everyone’s preferences. For example, stripes go well with floral dresses and ikat trends whereas plaid seldom goes with polka dots. Iterative learning is frequently necessary to determine which patterns complement others the best. Gather samples that you can compare to check if your eyes are in agreement.

Reference: Floral Wreaths to Spruce up your Home and Wall Decor


Home decor is not an easy task. You need focus and attention while choosing patterns and designs. Further, mixing patterns and designs are really tough tasks to do. With proper knowledge and information, you can improve the appearance of the overall room and home. Further, with blend you can make the patterns and designs unique that are exclusive. It also represents your personality. 

But with little knowledge or absence of any kind of information could actually damage your home interior. Further to make it more interesting and sophisticated, you should buy fabrics that are of high quality and last for a longer period. If you are looking for a trustable brand to source fabric that can offer high quality textile with the design you want. You can go for fabriclore where you can get endless possibilities of fabrics with customization options. 

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